Insulating Your Floors

Cold floors during winter will be an ancient phenomenon thanks to the dense pack cellulose insulation from The Home Insulators. Our insulation systems are normally custom made for all the varying needs of our customers.

As all systems, the different insulators have their benefits and challenges. Chilly floors pose a great problem during winter as the heaters normally can handle the cold and chilliness in your room but are not effective in handling cold floors, thus a lack of proper insulation makes the warmest of rooms have freezing cold floors which leads to increased heat loss from your body due to contact of your feet with the cold floor. And, did we also say you could get sick in such chilly conditions?

Below are some recommendations that we have given for different scenarios that a cold phenomenon is experienced:

– A garage cellulose dense pack is considered suitable for garage ceiling made of a gypsum board.

– Floors that are above the basement normally have rim joists which are of key concern as the need to be insulated and sealed in a 2 part process whereby we spray foam or a mixture on it and rigid foam over the walls of the basement in recommended amounts.

– Basement floors are normally wooden in nature thus we advise to keep off wooden subflooring on the basement as it automatically prevents mold and damage by moisture. We advise on thermal dry floor decking as it’s a specialized alternative which is waterproof as it consists of composite boards and some rigid foam.

– Crawl spaces are normally covered by floors above in process known as encapsulation whereby the rim joists, sealing vents and crawl space doors are sealed. Rigid wall insulation is however highly recommended in the Northern states.

– A cantilever is the space that juts over an upper floor overhand its equally among home specs that require insulation, it includes removal of soffit material which exposes the joists that are then sealed and insulated.

At Spray Insulation Guys, we offer a myriad of services that consult all your insulation needs. We have exposure to the best quality materials in our line of work and our innovations and ideas are unparalleled and equally adjustable to your budgetary requirements. Contact our company today and get a quotation for the kind of services you need us to do for you. We have a service for all your home insulation needs.

Exposure to a cold floor can be the most uncomfortable experience, as a result of having little to no insulation in the rooms. One needs not to go through these challenges as we will give you energy saving costs and comfort through our floor insulation.