Garage Ceiling Insulation

Air sealing is an essential process before installing new insulation in a garage ceiling. This process prevents energy wastage and prevents harmful car emission from finding its way into the living space. While it’s not necessary to insulate cars so that they can stay in a perfect shape, garage insulation is important as far as saving a home’s costs and comfort are concerned.

As a rule of thumb, there must be insulation below if there is a living space above.

For instance, multi-story homes will have a living space above the garage hence creating what can be termed as a thermal boundary between the living interior and the outdoor. For purposes of keeping the home comfortable and be able to save on energy costs, the garage ceiling must be insulated and air-sealed. Due to various reasons, builders may fail to install insulation in the garage ceiling. The fact is that failing to install insulation makes a living space above a garage uncomfortable. Without insulation, the living space will be unbearably cold in the winter months and excessively hot in the summer. Besides, it may lead to energy wastage throughout the year. The insulation can be seen or not under a gypsum board if the ceiling in the garage is unfinished.

We have professional technicians who can quickly diagnose the condition of the ceiling and establish if it has insulation or not. The technicians will also provide you a free evaluation and estimate for an upgrade in your garage ceiling.

During construction, a builder may fail to insulate the roof or ceiling of a garage that is below a living area. This will make the living space above the garage too cold in the winter. In case this is the situation in your home, you can call us so that we can come and fix this problem using blow-in dens which basically involves packing cellulose between the joists bays from the exterior of the house. While most homeowners may not consider insulating a garage roof, it is recommended to so.

The following are situations that will necessitate that you call us to conduct a free analysis on insulating the garage roof.

If you need insulation upgrades for your living space above the garage.

If your two-story home has a garage below the living space the garage ceilings, the roof and walls should be air-sealed and insulated.

If the roof cover has an unfinished attic. In this situation, a blown-in insulation would be the most ideal upgrade option as it is cost effective. This would be necessary even if has its own fiberglass insulation.

Do you have a workshop?

Mostly, a garage roof is necessary in a one-story home with an attached garage that serves as a workshop area. The manner in which the space is deigned will determine whether insulation is required or not. Hiring us to insulate your garage space guarantees optimal comfort and energy efficiency all year round.